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The Keel Pan

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Last weekend saw a huge transformation in Dinah. The keel pan was ground away to remove anything that might prevent the new structure bonding with the old. Any previously stressed fibreglass was carefully removed, as well as any trace of old flowcoat or filler. See below the change made in preparation for the fun part.


After Grinding

Paul Peggs arrived on the ferry, early Monday morning. The new beams were formed out of marine plywood. Each plywood section was bonded roughly to the boat, before being hidden behind many layers of fibreglass, in careful sequence.

Beam Build

Unidirectional glass cloth was used in layers along the load lines. Where less linear strength was required biaxial glass cloth was laid. And it was all bonded together with some chopped mat glass cloth.

The keel bolts were removed carefully a few at a time (don’t try this at home!) to have extra glass laid under them. By Tuesday evening myself, Paul, and Bob were all tired, achey, dusty, and smelly, but the new keel support was finished.


Paul was off on the ferry again on his way to Spi Ouest Regatta in La Trinite Sur Mer. I was going back to work. Bob was off back to the comfort and warmth of his garage to start building the outer panels for the ballast tanks. Soon we’ll be moving on to fitting the tanks, for which all the plumbing arrived this week. Another long weekend for Easter will hopefully see another significant shift towards actually going sailing…