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The Work Station

Friday, April 17th, 2009

The chart table is Dinah’s nerve station.

The laptop computer is loaded with SeaPro navigation software which has charts for the passage, overlaid with AIS ship identification information, daily weather files showing the forecast (downloaded via e-mail using the sat phone), and details of the current wind speed and direction and other information.

The picture below left shows the boat sailing near the Kish Bank in Dublin Bay with info about wind speed, boat speed and other data.  On the control panel behind is the VHF radio, Sea Me (radar target enhancer) controls and other electronic devices.  At the top is the GPS receiver.  The long shiny arm contains a red LED light for use after dark, to protect night vision.

The picture below right shows some posters of useful radio information for reception of weather data.  In the picture, from left:  USA Sea Area Forecast names and radio frequencies, then the same for Canadian waters, then Ireland and England, then the Irish coast guard radio contacts.  Good info available at a glance.

chart table1 charttable2

Offshore Special Regulations

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Dinah is bound by Monohull Class 1 regulations.

Link to ISAF Offshore Special Regulations on the Royal Ocean Racing Club website.

MS Word copy with Dinah’s notes is here.