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Ballast tanks 2

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

We have fitted the starboard ballast tank, with hatch covers temporarily in place.  Next step is to seal the seams with biaxial fibreglass tape and epoxy resin.  Note the quality black stereo speaker.

starboard tank

On the port side, here is the hole cut in the aft bulkhead for a sump tank which will be fabricated on the aft side of the bulkhead.  Inlet pipe (one and one half inch) and crossover pipe (three inch) will be fitted to the sump tank.

port tank

Stuff on the Bridge

Friday, May 9th, 2008

At the transom, just aft of the rudder post, the boat has a crossover piece known as the bridge. Today we mounted a few items…

From left: at the top is a mushroom GPS receiver, just below is the Raymarine remote control for the auto pilot, then a Standard Horizon remote VHF transceiver with its plug socket. All of the cables travel under the bridge to the starboard side, then into the interior of the boat and on to the control panel and the nav station. Lots of wires and important to prevent chafing. The boat is stern to the marina berth.


We also fitted the Sea Me active radar repeater which gives an enormous radar return ping on ships (and a loud in-cabin noise on Dinah) when touched by another vessel’s radar signal. Using the Glomex fitting it can be rotated through 180 degrees: down for inshore racing or up above the pushpit for offshore.