Back to “Normality”

Back in Dublin again, and just about recovered after the BluQube 1000m solo. The final results of 2nd in Open Class, 2nd in Overall Open Class, and 2nd in IRC, are an unprecedented success and obviously I’m hugely pleased with the way Dinah has performed so far. Not only is she seaworthy, she’s incredibly fast already and I’m still only learning what makes her tick.


Dinah is at sea again as I type. I flew back to Dublin, and Bob and Louise are cruising the boat to Lymington, in time for Dinah’s next race start in two weeks. More to come on that…

The last three weeks have been hectic, so thanks a million to Bob for keeping the site updated. The good people at BluQube have some great photos which I’ll put up here as soon as I can get them.