Over the last few weeks there have been some more changes, both inside and out. Over the winter a lot of weed and sea-life had attached itself to Dinah’s bottom. The RIYC kindly provided craneage and deck facilities for the big clean up. You can see how bad it was at the start of the weekend in this picture.

Dinah being lifted out

A few long days of scraping, sanding, buffing, and painting (thanks to Bob and Claire who helped, sorry about the sore arms and paint splashes!), she now looks better than new, with seriously shiny topsides, a smooth bottom and her appendages glowing orange. The colour underneath is a requirement of the offshore regulations, I don’t really like to talk about the logic behind it, take a guess…

Dayglow appendages

We also took the opportunity to raise the mast by 20mm and Brian came to make sure it was set up correctly again afterwards. Also, the engine has been pretty much completely rebuilt by Gavin and I, with superb support from Sean at Dun Laoghaire Marine Services. New injectors, starter motor, alternator, smart regulator, oil filters, fuel filters, impellors, belts, thermostat and a cleaned and treated fuel tank. We discovered a few potential issues during the process that probably would have caused problems along the way. Also, now I know the engine inside out, so I feel much more confident and self sufficient. All in all it was a messy, smelly and expensive exercise, but well worth doing.

Some new graphic display instrument readouts have been supplied by Tony at Yachtronics and should be fitted over the next few days and that’s the jobs list pretty much complete! Also, Peter from Under Armour came by to drop off several sets of fantastic base layer clothing, …in bright Dinah/Munster red of course!

I hope to sail a lot over the Easter weekend and Ingrid Abery is flying over to do an on-the-water-photoshoot that weekend too, so I’ll get some of those pics up here very soon.