Little Things…

Cooking.  On the edge.  Well heeled.  Juggling act.

Anyone who has ever been on a boat knows how difficult it can be to prepare a meal when the galley, the pot, pans, mugs, bowls, the salt and pepper and everything else is sliding around at an angle of heel.

Expedition Foods will be used for the crossing:  boil water, empty packet of freeze-dried yummy into a bowl, add water, let sit for a few minutes and then tuck in.

The guys on the Volvo Round the World race use the same yummy.  But they have a dedicated crewman to prepare the meal, then call the watch down below to eat out of their personal dog bowl, cupped in one palm, spoon in the other hand.  Not the best, hard to balance.

One of the other OSTAR sailors posted a solution. Any good idea should quickly be stolen.  One Jacobs American Selection biscuit tin, some high temperature grey spraypaint (as used by boy racers on their engines), a piece of plywood with holes cut out, three Starbucks insulated coffee mugs and a pair of plastic kitchen measuring jugs, with handles.

The biscuit tin and contents fit snug and secure on the left side of the two burner cooker. Thanks Will!

(click to enlarge)

tin one tin two tin three