Two Of A Kind

More and more boats are arriving in Plymouth every day. Dinah is sitting at the top of the marina, with Ninjod (another JOD 35, almost identical to Dinah) and FIBRA (and Italian Open 35) moored outside. The race stickers went on this morning, which you can see on Dinah’s bow in the photo below. I must say I felt very proud when I arrived to see an Irish flag flying proudly over the “race village”. You can just about make it out in the background of the photo.
Dinah & Ninjod in front of the race village
Everything is falling into place quite nicely. The new lightweight liferaft went on this morning. Brand new high power alternator yesterday. Not much left to do! Bob arrives tonight with all the provisions and clothes, so once they’re on board I’m pretty much ready to go. I’ve even had time to work on some weather routing for next week. The first few days aren’t looking very pretty which is of course what nobody wants to hear, but hey, if it was easy then everyone would be doing it! Hopefully the offending depressions in question will decide to move East a bit quicker than expected over the next few days leaving more clement conditions for the start. We’ll see…