Last Day!

It’s getting quite hectic here in Plymouth, but we’re in good shape as Dinah’s to-do list is reduced to fetching water, diesel, gas, and fresh fruit. Easy!

This morning Bob took her up the river Tamar, where a team of divers lovingly wiped her clean underneath, just to make sure any sea-life that had gathered over the few weeks in plymouth wasn’t going to slow me down along the way.

We spent the morning listening to official briefings, weather and ice forecasts, accepting keepsakes, signing our lives away, filling out customs forms, etc, etc. So everybody is now rushing around to finish off the last bits.

We’ve had a lot of press coverage during the week also. BBC did several live pieces from the pontoon. Elaine Bunting came and did an interview for Yachting World Magazine. An American documentary maker has been interviewing all the skippers and on Friday night I was on Tom McSweeneys Seascapes program on RTE Radio 1. I believe RTE television are also going to air an interview I did with them a few weeks ago during the 6-1 news over the next few days.

This time tomorrow the spectator boats will be peeling back to shore and each of us will be all alone for the rest of the trip. I imagine that will be quite emotional. We’ll see tomorrow!

Must go organise the last of my provisions. Talk to you more regularly once the excitement of the race start is over.