Diesel. Yuck!


Morning all,

It’s Thursday morning, and this is my first blog from the race. Unforgivable really. I do have a good excuse though. For the last few days
I haven’t been able to look at the computer without getting sick. In fact I haven’t been able to do much at all without getting sick!

A few days ago a can of diesel released its contents into the bilges, so now everything feels, smells and tastes of diesel. Really not pretty. So everytime I went below I’d get sick. Everytime I’d put my glove near my nose same thing. So I’ve been steadily working through the boat with Fairy Liquid trying to mop up any ounce od diesel I can find. Not easy, but I’M GETTING THERE.

This morning I was able to keep down some crackers and get the boat back up to speed. About time! I’m very weak though, and the smell of diesel is still pervasive.

No real sailing news. Its been horrid windy pure upwind. Just what’s expected of Ostar. Havent seen anything but water now in two days. Not even a bird!

I see from the position reports this morning the usual suspects are screaming ahead while I’ve had my Marigolds on. Well, in a few days time I will surely have expunged all this horrid diesel and will be on my way back to full fitness. Everybody tells me this is a marathon, not a sprint. I certainly hope so, as I havent been sprinting very well!

Apparently I was on the Irish television news the other night (looking better than i do now I’m sure) and I’ll be on RTE Radio One Seascapes again tomorrow night, chatting with broadcaster Tom MacSweeney from mid-Atlantic. Also I believe the messages from the Blogstar site have bere going to my work mail account, so that should be fixed today too… Please do try again…or use the free SMS Text Message service available here.