Back in the land of the living!

Today marks the first day of normality since the diesel issue earlier in the
week. I’m eating again, the boat smells ok and is dry, everything’s falling
into place! I did another interview for Seascapes this morning. First human
voice I’ve heard in days. Very strange. It should be out on RTE Radio 1
tonight along with the Volvo Ocean Race coverage, and it’ll be available by
podcast tomorrow.

It’s funny how after a few days offshore you get so used to napping.  I just
ate lunch. Good work making lunch Barry, you probably deserve a nap after
that! Yeah, the boat seem pretty comfortable on her own, why not? Just a
little one… Fifteen minutes later back up looking for the next excuse to
go down again… That wave looked pretty wet Barry, do you need a little nap
to recover?

I’ve had a look at the tracks of the other boats now too. Hannah is playing
a blinder. Fair play. She’s on for a record run if she keeps that up. I’m
really going to suffer overall for the few zombie-like days, but perhaps I
can manage to redeem myself within my own class. How many times over the next few weeks will I remind myself it’s a marathon, not a sprint…?

The messages are coming in from Blogstar now. Great to receive the texts
from all of you. Some of the texts led me on a treasure hunt around my own
boat! The guys from WOW the Farr42 in Dublin had hidden a great new pair of sunglasses back amongst the ballast plumbing, and it really cheered me up
searching round for them. Thanks guys! They’re getting ready for an offshore
from Dun Laoghaire to Dingle this weekend, and the very best of luck to them.
I’ve also discovered miniature bottles of alcohol in various locations. You
all know me so well!!!

I’d best go check the trim upstairs. And then possibly a quick nap…