Busy busy!!!

Updated forecast during the night showed every OSTAR competitors dream. A windy spinnaker run allowing a route directly for the Flemish Cap. One snag though… Since losing a halyard to the top of the mast the other day I knew I’d have to go climbing in order to get the halyard back so as to take full advantage.

The forecast gave a lighter patch around dawn and I decided that was my best opportunity. Through a freezing cold night I planned everything
methodically. Nightmare scenario would be to get stuck up top obviously.

Sure enough just before dawn the light patch arrived and I started preparing
in earnest. It was tough work climbing up there, and I came down with quite
a few bruises. But the view of the rolling Atlantic from up top was truly
incredible. Absolutely nothing to be seen apart from big rolly waves as far
as the eye could see.

I was surprised to find that the Wichard snap shackle on the offending
halyard had actually warped under the load and simply didn’t fit together
any more. And that was after deliberately paying top dollar for the bigger
version than specified!

Anyway, I dragged it back down the mast with me, and I’ll splice a
replacement shackle on there later in the day. As soon as I came down the
breeze filled in nicely, and I hoisted the spinnaker immediately. Running
now in nice sunny light conditions. The deck of the boat looks like a
laundry with all my wet clothes drying in the sunshine. I won’t tell you
what I’m left wearing… Ahhh, the freedom….

I think I deserve a little brandy in my coffee this morning after getting so
much done even before breakfast. It’s going to be a fun few days coming up!

I got a few texts to say people had heard the interview on Seascapes last
night, and I believe the VOR festival in Galway is in full swing. Somebody
have a beer for me!

Off to enjoy the sunshine for a bit while it’s here. Talk to you later…