Fit for purpose?

Today was a straightforward sailing day. The big breeze we had last night
gradually died and backed during the night. Spinnaker went up before dawn,
and has been flying all day with just one gybe after lunch.

I spent a lot of time doing preventative maintenance, checking halyards for
chafe, checking engine oil, lubricating sail hanks and sliders, checking
battens, tightening and seizing shackles,etc, etc. The thought occurred to
me when I was tightening the umpeenth shackle that had mysteriously come
loose that there is a huge amount of equipment out there that is just simply
not fit for the purpose that they are sold!

I’ve lost and broken lots of shackles, snap shackles, blocks, etc, so far on
the trip. They just disappear! My rod kicker exploded under not very
significant load (compared to the loading it would have got on the approach
to the Grand Banks!). Ridiculously expensive “Vectran” un-stretchable
halyards are now several inches longer than when I set out. And all this
despite me insisting whenever a new piece of equipment was coming on the
boat that it be of the specification suitable for a 45 foot boat rather than
a 35 foot boat. Anyway, none of those caused too much hassle, as my
inventory of spares and tools was well thought out. Until today…

One of my BOSE top of the range, ludicrously expensive “marine 131” deck
speakers gave up the ghost this morning. That’s the third one to simply die
in just over a year! They come with a three year warranty, so as far as I’m
concerned BOSE are just going to have to keep giving me replacements. But
that’s not the way it should be. Marine speakers should be able to withstand
existance in a marine environment. They’re obviously meant for use inside a
motor cruiser that never leaves the marina rather than something that might
subject them to “marine” conditions. Anyway… BOSE are going to get a very
snotty letter from me, and I’m quite confident they will happily replace the
speaker under warranty, but what’s annoying is that I have to sail the next
few days, and then the whole way back aqcross the Atlantic with mono sound.
That was not the idea.

Anybody know of a bulletproof great sounding waterproof speaker system? I
have a set of speakers here that I’ll sell to somebody with a motor cruiser!