The Foggy Dew

Average life expectancy of a sailing glove in OSTAR? 19 days apparently!
Just as well my hands underneath are probably tougher than the gloves by now
anyway! And there’s not long to go anyway.

19 days. I can’t believe we’ve been out here 19 days so far. It honestly
feels like a week. 19 days since taking my leave from the balcony of the
Royal Western, where the crew of  “O’Pegasus”, Dinah’s support boat for the
start, were shooting the breeze with the legendary Brian Thompson of Bahrain
Team Pindar. I must still find an excuse good enough to open the bottle they
gave me. 19 days since motoring out past Plymouth Hoe, with “The Holy
Ground” playing loud and proud. It can’t be 19 days… Can it?

Today was another spinnaker day. Breeze building and veering all day. Did a
very neat peel from symmetric to assymetric earlier, and dropped down to a
jib in the late afternoon.

We’ve had thick fog all day, with lots of moisture. I even had a silvery
collection of water droplets form on my OSTAR beard earlier. I must say I’m
looking forward to a shave! Perhaps a beer or two first though…

Shore crew are starting to move West. Tucker Island had a population of of
one last night, and I’m sure it won’t be long before Newport is absolutely

The very nice people at BOSE have offered to completely replace my deck
sound system, which is very good of them. There will be music on the return

Oscar came out of hiding temporarily at midday today, and I’ve managed to
whittle his lead down to 15 miles. So more steady progress. If I can keep
catching him at this rate it’s going to be a photo finish!

Tonight there’s a bit of a blow forecast, and a return to upwind conditions.
After so much downwind sailing over the last few days it will be strange to
be pounding into waves again instead of surfing down them. I’m sure Dinah
will take it all in her stride, and hopefully she’ll continue her run of
being the fastest boat in class for days now.

Tomorrow we’ll need to start working out how to deal with the shallows of
Georges Bank, and then Nantucket Shoals. Coastal sailing tomorrow, I can’t
believe it!