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Shiny new tiller

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

The original aluminium tiller had been bent, broken welded, broken, welded again, all by the previous owner.  It was also very wiggly.

A new tiller (thanks Richie!), of stainless steel has been fitted and a bit of bike tape applied.  Much stronger, marginally heavier.

new tiller

It’s arrived!

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Months later… We’ve been busy in the meantime anyway, fitting all sorts of bits, from a new liferaft frame, to a weather station. Re-plumbed the ballast system to solve that airlock problem that I had last summer. All the deck gear has been stripped and checked. New cleats to replace the worn ones. Chafe guards where control lines ran against bare gelcoat. Rope bags. A new stainless tiller. Lots of extra coachroof clutches for the extra lines coming off the new mast. A satphone so I can talk to folks at home, email, and get up to date weather details while at sea. A long-wave radio to keep up with goings on while I’m away. And best of all…….

The new mast finally arrived this morning!!!

Before the start

Here it is in the dinghy park all wrapped up having been delivered at 07.00 on a freezing cold first morning in Spring. It will be dressed over the next few days and hopefully stepped next weekend. Very soon after that we’ll be sailing again and testing all the new equipment. Can’t wait!!!