Progress Report 1

Attached are some views of the first few weekends work on Dinah. The transformation steps up a gear next weekend…

Picture 41

(click to enlarge)

Friday off work to grind away half the thickness of the entire floor, seen in the picture above, with an angle grinder. It’s a bit disconcerting to wield a grinder at the very skin of the boat. It reminds me of tunnel builders hoping not to see any moisture coming through their tunnel walls! After the dust has settled (quite literally!) fibreglass guru Paul is coming over from England to spend a few days building reinforcement and strengthening the whole subfloor assembly. That should make her stiff enough to stand up to the sort of loads than can be expected dropping the boat off a proper Atlantic wave.

Picture 40

In the background of picture, that big space behind the chart table is where the starboard ballast tank will be fitted. They’re being built in Bob’s shed at the minute, whenever he’s not busy updating his website that is . Hopefully we’ll be able to start offering them up by the end of next week.

With two long weekends in a row coming up, I expect some serious progress on the structural side of the project. Then comes the electronics fit out. Although I did have a little start as you can see below.

Picture 30

I’ll post a few pics anytime a milestone is passed.

Picture 36