Northabout Dublin to Galway

At the beginning of June we brought Dinah around from Dun Laoghaire to Galway to get her ready for the Round Rockall Race later in the month. Barry and Tom did the delivery double handed over a long weekend. They went northabout to get better weather and to see some of the fantastic scenery along the shoreline.

Leaving the east coast early on Saturday morning we took advantage of the end of a storm to make great distance on the first day. By Monday we had run out of breeze and ended up motoring past Tory Island and Bloody Foreland.

But for the last 80nm or so a beautiful 14knt sea breeze delivered us to Galway just before the lock gates shut. A quick snooze before heading back to Dublin on the train, and Dinah was safely tucked up on the docks in Galway ready for her next adventure.