Fitting the bulkheads

Saturday at Howth, drizzly weather, today we fit the bulkheads with epoxy. However, everything is a bit dusty because yesterday an aggressive angle grinder was used to grind back the flowcoat on the keel pan, prior to strenghtening. That is an electric oil heater in the middle of the sole, trying to dry out the boat, assisting the de-humidifier.

Fitting panels 1

Here the portside ballast tank bulkhead has been fitted, using WEST epoxy thickened with colloidal silica to make fillets on each side of the panel. Later, biaxial fibreglass tape will be epoxied in place to provide great strength. An angle grinder was used on the inside of the hull to remove the white flowcoat and to provide a roughened surface, a good mechanical key for the epoxy.

The copper pipe on the right hand bulkhead is the gas feed to the cooker. The large white pipe is the fresh water inlet to the tank. The funny circles in the picture are specks of gelcoat dust floating in the air.

Fitting panels 2

Here is the starboard side, with the grey diesel pipe and a number of electric cables, prior to fitting the tank bulkhead. The black silage tape is applied to protect everything from stray epoxy during fitting of the bulkhead.


The starboard bulkhead has been fitted, again with epoxy filleting.


Here is the starboard side insert to block off the storage bin…it will become part of the ballast tank.