Mystic to Shelter Island

After a very American breakfast of coffee and donuts we left Mystic and started motoring downriver in glorious sunshine. The railway bridge opened as if by magic as we approached, with merely a friendly wave expected by the bridgekeeper in terms of payment.

Half way down the river a bank of thick fog sat apparently blocking our
path. Thankfully Dinah is equipped with all the electronic navigational aids necessary for just such an occasion, so we were able to continue our way down the winding river despite not being able to see anything further than 20meters away. The island hopping which was an interesting and fun challenge when approaching the Mystic river was significantly more stressful while fog blind.

As the day progressed, the fog cleared and came back again many times. It’s completely different fog to what we’re used to in Europe. Wind has no impact on it, it’s very very damp, condensing on anything it can (including Bobs beard), and it’s quite shallow so even though there are sunny blue skies overhead you can see nothing horizontally.

A huge tidal race off Little Gull Island provided confused seas for an hour or so, while we made just 1knt over ground against the current. Eventually we left Little Gull behind and worked down the shore of Plum Island, carrying on past Orient Pt the Northernmost tip of Long Island.

All traces of fog finally cleared and we found ourselves with no breeze and 30deg sweltering heat. Aileen and Louise even went for a swim off Long Beach. That was the first time anybody has deliberately gone over the side of Dinah!

We made shorefall in Dering Harbour on the North coast of Shelter Island late afternoon. Our berth is within two minutes walk of the local pub and shop. A good sign in my books! We still have to decide whether to stay a day on Shelter Island or to carry on. Let’s test out this pub before making the decision!