Easter Weekend

Four more days working on Dinah last weekend. No huge visual transformation like the weekend before, but a lot acheived.

On Friday myself and Bob cleaned up the new keel pan. We ground down any little bumps or sharp bits left behind when it cured, to make the whole thing really smooth. Then the edges all round were straightened and made really smooth, then masked off, so when the whole thing is flow coated in a few weeks time it will look like original build detail and blend in perfectly. Finishing that major job off will really be a big moment. Hopefully everything will be ready for it the weekend after next.

Saturday Bob brought along the front panels of the ballast tanks for initial fitting. We had to make a few small adjustments, but soon they fitted perfectly.

Ballast Tank Front Panel Ready for Fitting

We made templates for the baffles, which will be made from the same plywood as the tank panels. We also fitted the water ballast pump and engine blower, and fixed the door (Hmm, who will I need privacy from in the middle of the Atlantic?).

Sunday and Monday I got out the angle grinder again (I’ve grown to hate it…) to grind away the parts of the boat where the ballast tank and baffles will be bonded to. It’s a really horrible job with lots of airborne glass dust. I’ve taken to wearing two masks when doing it, and it’s still horrible. But it’s a necessary evil, and hopefully this is the last of it. You can see on the picture below how the surfaces are down to bare glassfibre where the tank panels and baffles will be bonded.

Hull to Tank Join

A huge clean up afterwards and the boat is looking great. Even the cooker is sparkling now! More after next weekend… Electronics should start arriving soon!