Underwater Disco Lights

When I last blogged we were in light drizzle and light breeze. As the night went on the breeze built and the rain got heavier. After a few hours we were both soaked and quite cold. It was the first time we’ve been cold on the whole trip though so we can’t complain! There was only one thing for it… A large helping of Andy’s patented “you’ll never be cold again” curry…


It was a very very dark night. No moon. No stars. The only light outside the boat was from another strange natural phenomenon. As we sailed through an enormous smack of jellyfish and disturbed them, pushing them out of the way, they glowed bright blue! It was a superb vision, all these dinner plate sized lights glowing neon blue in our wake. I had seen it happen once or twice before, but never to this extent.

The rain continued until after dawn, and the breeze gave one last squall which sent us scurrying to reduce the amount of sail being carried. But soon afterwards everything started to die down again. As the day went on the sun came out, the breeze dropped away, the waves died down,. and it started to get warm again. Another beautiful hot sunny afternoon on the water,  making great progress, and everything is warm and dry again. We’re looking forward to a drier, warmer, clearer night tonight. Although I’ll need to find a new excuse to get Andy to cook again!