This boat is blessed!

Amazing luck. In the picture below, the teak/holly floorboard has a circular cutout for the saloon table support. The table has an aluminium socket on its underside which accepts an aluminium tube which in turn fits into a similar socket on the floorboard. Voila, a table. But, Dinah’s table is long missing, leaving a useless hole, a trip hazard, in the floorboard.

At the right is one of the ballast tank baffles with a circular cut out. The cut out was traced from the lid of a storage jar from the kitchen. It wasn’t measured from a compass, it was simply traced from the handy lid. No idea or interest in its size, just a useful circle.

blessed 1

Amazingly, the waste from the ballast tank circle is a PERFECT FIT for the floorboard!

blessed 2

To glue the waste disc in place, first tape a piece of acetate to the underside of the floorboard (epoxy will not stick to acetate).

blessed 3

The floorboard has a bit of a bow, so the toolbox serves to flatten it. The waste plywood disc, 12mm thick, has been glued in place with thickened epoxy, applied with a squeegee (old credit card) and another two pieces of acetate laid on top.

blessed 4

A pile of heavy books will serve as a poor man’s vacuum bag to compress the floorboard and the plywood disc..leave for 12 hours then solid!  LUCK!

blessed 5