Camaret to Lymington

Dinah is now sparkling in the sunshine on the “Dan Bran” pontoon at Lymington.

We left Camaret in west Brittany on Tuesday, 15 July and arrived in Lymington on Monday 21 July via L’Aberwrac’h, Treburden, Guernsey, Alderney and Weymouth. We had a great time cruising along at 7 or 8 knots. We had the wind on or aft the port beam the whole way, with only a single short tack onto starboard as we approached Lymington.


Here is the Bridge WCM at the entrance to the Needles Channel, bound for Lymington from Weymouth. Boatspeed with one reef and a small number 4 jib.


Weymouth was such a nice place we decided to have a duvet day instead of getting up at 6 am for another early start to catch the tide. Lots of boaty activity on the river and we had a great take-away cod, scampi and chips on board with a nice cab sauv.


Crossing the channel, we port-tacked a pair of east bound tankers, CPA was .3 nautical miles for each. Note the sunshine! We arrived the previous evening into a cold and misty Alderney and spent the night on a mooring. Left at 7 am in more cold gloom, but we sailed out of the front just before the east bound traffic lane and carried the sunshine for the rest of the journey to Lymington. Champagne sailing!


In Guernsey, two generations of French race boat design: Archambault 35 on the inside of Dinah. We spent the night in the crowded marina, and moved to the pontoon after breakfast to avoid being trapped inside the sill as the tide fell and went shopping and strolling around St Peter Port for a few hours before sailing to Alderney in the afternoon.


Guernsey marina

We arrived in Camaret late Sunday evening and provisioned the boat on Monday. The flood tide through the Chenal du Four called for a 7 pm Monday or 7.30 am Tuesday departure. We chose Tuesday morning to go north.

Camaret 2

Camaret 1